Image of rugby players covered in mud, as the cover image for a Boot Bananas blog about saving your wet, stinky rugby boots.

Save Your Stinky Rugby Boots with Boot Bananas

Six Nations, Super Rugby, Top 14, European Champions, internationals and domestic… Whatever your choice of rugby competition, there’s no denying that it can be sweaty, dirty business. Add some rain and mud, and you can guarantee those rugby boots will need a thorough wash after every game. But is that enough? And what if you’re on the road and a decent washer or dryer isn’t available? Keep reading to discover a rugby player’s magic weapon against foot funk…

Now, if you’re playing at the 6 Nations or Rugby Championship level, odds are you’ve got several pairs of rugby boots available ahead of every game. And if they’re not brand new, they’re looked after by magical boot cleaners that ensure those elite players hit every game running. But for the rest of us mere mortals, looking after our one pair of old faithful rugby boots is our own responsibility (or mum’s, if she’s feeling generous). 

After you’ve put in the hard yards on the field, won that turnover, made that try-saving tackle, scored in the corner, and kicked the winning goal from the sideline, your focus is on celebrating with your mates. So, what happens to your trusty, filthy, sweat-soaked boots then? Yep, they’ll stay at the bottom of your gear bag. Or tucked under the changing room seats. Or in the boot of your car. When training rolls around, those bad boys come out of their hole, still damp, stinking to high heaven, and feel like you’re putting your feet into a bog.

Yeah, it’s pretty feral.

Alas, that’s what we deserve for getting caught up in post-match celebrations (or commiserations), and it’s all part of being a rugby player, right?

But what if there was a better way? What if a couple of simple actions could keep those boots dry, fresh, and feeling like a million bucks when we put them on again? If you’ve made it to this blog, on this website, then you already know there’s a funky solution to this age-old dilemma.

Yes, Boot Bananas were made for rugby players. All sports players, really. So if you’re sick of the stink, sick of stepping into soaked boots, and want to run out with fresh feet each week, you need to follow these quick steps:

Odds are, most of us won’t play rugby for our country or even our favourite domestic team, but we can still start each match with the freshest boots on the planet. Break tradition, save your rugby boots with Boot Bananas, and give rugby funk the boot!

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