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Top Tips to Keep Valentine’s Day Fresh  

Ahh, Valentine’s Day – a time for celebrating love, romance, or even friendship. As John Paul Young crooned, “love is in the air, everywhere I look around…” But what if that’s not the only thing in the air this Valentine’s? What if, heaven forbid, there’s a lingering scent, no, stench, and it’s coming from your shoes… Goodbye romance. Au revoir, l’amour. Read our blog now to get the most out of Valentine’s, and avoid some foot funk induced heartbreak…

Okay, we got ahead of ourselves a bit there. So let’s take a few steps back and look at how you make Valentine’s work for you. See, we’re not just about keeping your feet sweet, we want the rest of your life to be like a box of chocolates too – less Forrest Gump, more your favourite selection. Whether you’re in a long term relationship, single and ready to mingle, or a Valentine’s Grinch, here are some top tips to get the most out of the next love day.

For the lovers, long-term and new

Whether you’ve been together a while ( like more than one Valentine’s Day), or this is your first date, it can be tricky finding something fun and fresh that sends sparks flying. If that’s where you’re at, try one of these:

  • Get creative with an indoor picnic – leave the ants and the weather behind, hand pick the snacks, treats, and drinks you both love, and get cosy on the carpet.
  • Dance, anywhere and everywhere – leave the small talk behind and connect with each other physically (outside the bedroom). Dance is one of the oldest love languages, and is the perfect reminder of how compatible you two are beyond the regularity of everyday life.
  • Plan a photoshoot – forget the social media selfies, put in a little effort and truly capture what makes you two special. Steal a kiss, share a laugh, and capture some memories you can look back on for years to come.

For the friends

Yes, Valentine’s Day is traditionally for couples. But it doesn’t have to be. So if you’d rather spend the day with your mates, here are some options for the perfect Palentine’s or Galentine’s:

  • Potluck for the win – cooking for someone else is a great way to express your love and appreciation, and who doesn’t love a little variety at the dinner table?
  • Get classy with cocktails – gather your friends and let your inner bartender flag fly at a cocktail class. Even if your mixing skills are lacking, you’re guaranteed a few laughs.
  • Roadtrip, baby – leave the conventions of one love day behind, and make it a full weekend! Make that playlist (with a few love ballads, obviously), pack plenty of snacks, and create a brand new core memory with your besties.

For the love grinches

There are plenty of reasons not to celebrate Valentine’s Day – it’s over commercialised, overdone, and you may just be over love in general. If that’s where you’re at, reclaim the day and practise a little self-love with one of these ideas:

  • Solo spa day – kick your shoes off, get yourself a fresh bouquet and some essential oils, run that bath, and shut the world out as you sink into your own relaxed world.
  • Non-rom-com movie marathon – load up a list of action, horror, scifi, or crime films and escape into a 12-hour session void of sappy love stories.
  • Self-improvement for self love – take a cooking class, meditate, read, create something. Take the day to work on yourself or celebrate your own life, and reap the rewards.

Now that you’ve got your next Valentine’s Day sorted, let’s get back to the matter at hand. Or more specifically, foot. No matter which option you go with above, believe us when we say foot stink will be unwelcome. Yes, even if you’re by yourself. So while you’re locking in your day and securing those plans, why not make sure your shoes are sorted too? Pick up a pair of Boot Bananas now, drop them into your chosen Valentine’s footwear, and fill the air with freshness.

Because love should smell like roses, not foot funk.

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