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Image of football players kicking a football, as the cover image for a Boot Bananas blog about keeping your stinky football boots fresh.

Keep Your Football Boots Fresh: How to Kick the Stink

Foot funk is common among football players, but fear not… With a few simple tips and tricks, and a not-so-secret shoe deodorising product, you can kick the stench and keep your boots smelling fresh all season long.

Image of a girl climbing and hiking outdoors, as the cover image for a blog interview about Gorpygirls0utside

Boot Bananas Interview: Gorpygirls0utside

We recently connected with Amber and El, the founders of a new outdoor initiative for women, Gorpygirls0utside. Check out our interview now!

Image of rugby players covered in mud, as the cover image for a Boot Bananas blog about saving your wet, stinky rugby boots.

Save Your Stinky Rugby Boots with Boot Bananas

Six Nations, Super Rugby, Top 14, European Champions, internationals and domestic... Rugby can be sweaty, dirty business. Read our blog now to discover a rugby player’s magic weapon against foot funk…

Image of a man's feet in flip flops on a beach, with a heart drawn on the sand between them, as a cover image for a Boot Bananas blog about keeping Valentine's Day fresh.

Top Tips to Keep Valentine’s Day Fresh  

Read our blog now to get the most out of Valentine’s, and avoid some foot funk induced heartbreak with a pair of Boot Bananas!

Say Goodbye to Shoe Odour: Natural Ways to Deodorise Smelly Shoes

Are you tired of your favorite pair of shoes emitting unpleasant odors? Smelly shoes can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, but there's no need to resort to chemical-laden sprays or expensive inserts.