Original Shoe Deodorisers

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Fragrant, moisture-absorbing shoe deodorisers for fruity footwear. Combat extreme odour!

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Bursting with Freshness

A blend of odour-neutralising salts, minerals and the finest botanicals. With a fresh fragrance of Lavender, Lemon, Patchouli & Tea-tree. Designed to remove and prevent extreme and ingrained odours found in sports shoes and boots.

As Nature Intended

The perfect shape to slide into any footwear, gloves, pads, or enclosed spaces. Cotton fabric banana ‘skins’, with earth friendly active ingredients and real plant extracts. Minimal plastic by design.

Ripeness Indicator

These Boot Bananas gradually ‘ripen’ with moisture exposure. When they turn completely brown or stop deodorising, it’s time to replace them. Approximately 6 -12 months of freshness, depending on use and care.

Banana Care

Dry your Boot Bananas out in the sun – or near a radiator – and avoid excessive moisture exposure, which may shorten lifespan. Only intended for removing odour and sweat. Not for drying wet footwear.

Recycle Me

Take this packaging to supermarkets or retailers with a collection point for flexible plastic packaging and carrier bags.

WARNING: This product is for functional use only and is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 3. Non edible. Carabiner clip non load bearing.

Made in Sri Lanka.

  1. 5 out of 5

    Kieran Sanderson

    Ive been climbing for nearly a decade and I whole heartedly recommend these for your climbing shoes, they keep them fresh and help get them read for sessions in quick succession.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Mrs M M Johnson

    Brought these for my sons bouldering shoes, brilliant & now he has two lots!! A must have with these sports shoes! Top up with drops of lavender oil if they seem to be less fragrant.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I had a pair of trainers that were particularly bad – I wear them a lot, walk a long way, and the’ve gotten wet / damp – so you can imagine odour wise that they were very unpleasant. Ordered these as a last resort as nothing else had worked but I love my shoes and didn’t want to throw them away. I’m honestly so glad I did.

    The “bananas” smell incredibly strong when you first open the packet and I was worried they would just make my shoes smell. However they’ve done an amazing job of removing the odour from my shoes without making them smell of the product. My shoes are saved and I’m very happy!

  4. 5 out of 5


    Just what I needed to keep my kit bag from becoming overpowering.

  5. 5 out of 5


    Love the idea of a banana that goes brown when it needs replacing. They smell great and are easy to use and take hiking.

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Approximately 6-12 months depending on use and care. It can be more or less.

Periodically dry these Boot Bananas out in the sun - or near a radiator - and avoid excessive moisture exposure, which may shorten lifespan. Only intended for removing odour and sweat. Not for drying wet footwear.

This is a sign that your bananas have been exposed to moisture and, you can this ‘ripeness indicator’ to judge how much moisture exposure the products gets. If colour change is occurring quickly, take extra steps to dry footwear before application and / or increase frequency of banana care steps. Colour change is caused by deposits of plant pigments and salts on the fabric that with moisture transfer. It is an aesthetic change and does not reduce the effectiveness of the product.

Replace when the inserts stop removing or preventing odour effectively.

Holding over a bin or container, carefully snip the elastic webbing off the end of the banana (find another use for the elastic). Empty the active ingredients into the bin to dispose with waste, and either compost or recycle the cotton fabric banana skin. The active ingredients are salts, minerals & plant extracts only.

These inserts are not the lightest. They are great on a road trip, but not exactly pack friendly for longer leg powered excursions. We recommend using these inserts when at home to get rid of odour. When travelling, take the Eco Travel Deodorisers as a preventative, to freshen up on the go.

When flying with this product in your hand luggage, be sure to bring the packaging pouch along as information for TSA staff and passport control performing luggage checks.

Not bananas, but our bespoke blend of botanicals. Real plant extracts of French Lavender, Sicilian Lemon, Patchouli from Indonesia and Tea Tree from Australia.

Currently this product is only available in the one size, banana size. It’s one size fits most - with smaller and children's shoes the banana might stick out the top of the shoes, but they’ll still work to remove odours just fine.

If you don’t get the expected result from this purchase it is possible you have a faulty item, please contact us for further customer assistance.

Original Shoe Deodorisers